Staff and Board

Executive Director – Kenneth Craig – or 442-4010
Director of Programs – Mario Garcia Sierra or
Director of Operations – Jacqueline Suarez –
New Routes Adolescents – Sofia Snow –
New Routes Adolescents – Dario Parra –
West High School Aspira – Vanessa Solis –
Memorial High School Aspira – Ananda Mirilli –
Verona High School Aspira – Charlyn Cruz –
Toki Middle School Juventud – Melissa Nehmer –
Sherman Middle School Juventud – Gilma Arenas –
Cherokee Middle School Juventud – Vacant
Sennett Middle School Juventud – Lauren Deakman –
Jefferson Middle School Juventud – Ismael Cuevas –
New Routes for Adults – Jorge Quintanilla –
Community Engagement Coordinator – Veronica Lazo –
Employment Program Coordinator – Tomy Tepepa –
Brenda Gonzalez – President
Andrew Martinez – Vice President
David Dahmer – Secretary
Tania Ibarra – Treasurer
Andrew Turner, Faustina Bohling, Matt Shefchik, Laura Silva, Antonio Noguera, Adin Palau, Fred Svensson, Sujhey Beisser


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