Empowering Youth

The Schools of Hope Project The elementary Schools of Hope Project includes Centro Hispano of Dane County as its key community partner. Led by a team of AmeriCorps members based in elementary schools, volunteer tutors are matched with children in need of additional help with reading and math. The Project currently serves students in the Madison, Middleton and Sun Prairie school districts, working closely with school staff to deliver high-quality academic support.

The Juventud Program Our Juventud Program provides academic support, parent engagement and leadership development to middle school aged Latino youth and their families. Currently Juventud programs operated in five Madison middle schools. With the help of our volunteer tutors, hundreds of Latino youth receive the academic support needed to be prepared for high school.

The Aspira Program Our Aspira Program operates in three area high schools and helps Latino students finish school and prepare for college and careers. With dropout rates for Latino youth hovering around 30% in Madison, our Aspira staff and volunteers give Latino high school students and their families a vital support.

The New Routes for Adolescents Program Disconnection, gang activities and negative police contacts among Latino youth are a great concern to public safety and the future of a generation of young Latinos. Centro Hispano is a leader in fighting delinquency and giving youth real alternatives through our New Routes Adolecsents Program. The program helps at-risk youth avoid gangs and make positive choices through an innovative, court mandated leadership development curriculum called ComVida. The program also provides outreach to area middle schools through a youth led gang prevention task force, and positive alternatives for youth such as our Latina Poetry Group and our Youth Drumming Ensemble.


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